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Ro Online News & Events
Ragnarok Online NEWS & Events

Ragnarok:Delivery time limit for Ymir Game Card

Ymir Game Card for sale,enough stock.Delivery time is 4-24 hours,compensation will be offered if there is any delay on our end.Andenough zeny for sale, deliverytimeabout 5-15mins.Get more information ..


RO US: More bonus offering!

To express our great thanks to our long-term supported customers,we are offering more bonus for US RO.Buying more than 100M---10% bonusBuying more than 700M---20% bonusBuying more than 1000M---30% bon..


RO Odin:Alice Card&Ghostring Card on Sale

To meet customers needs ,we are putting 2 new items for sale nowAlice Card and Ghostring Card.Alice Card=103.75EURGhostring Card=373.50EURIf you need more informations,please contact our live support...


RO Odin:Enough zeny on sale

In game mail will be sent in 10 mins after a order confirmed.Its a instant mailing systerm, so please make sure you are putting the correct character name while you place the order,please choose the c..


ragnarok online: AGI extreme combo champion guide

ro do help a bit in clearing monsters especialy in a party full of champs. The true power at the extreme AGI combo champ lies on its speed rather than its STR.First weapons, what to use:Waghnakh: This..


Ragnarok Ash Vacuum

Ragnarok Ash Vaccum FeaturesEpisode 13.1: Ash Vacuum will be added with new maps, new monsters, new quests New guild dungeons and a guild dungeon side event will be added to the WoE: SE maps Two new G..


How To Make Money In RO

Ragnarok is a thing which make you successful in Ragnarok Online, without it, you want to enjoy yourself in this game is difficult, as a result, when players reaches a certain level, such as up to 2rp..


Ragnarok Online Introduction

This game like most games is about fighting, killing, and winning. But this game also has, unlike most games, a very strong community aspect. It is a massive world, where in games like Diablo 2 multip..


Telling of My Story in Ragnarok

The Ragnarok Online game is fresh at first for me, but ultimately uninspiring the 567th time. And that is one of the main problems with RO. When you get up there, in the 20s and 30s in Job level, thin..


Ragnarok Online Valkyrie Server review

Ragnarok Online is now available for free! Released on the 25th of September, Ragnarok Online Valkyrie has undergone many patches and updates. This special Valkyrie server does have its weak points, b..


Skin Development In Ragnarok Online

For people who are feeling bored and have some background in CSS/HTML/GFX: you can create your own skin for Ragnarok Online site.Obviously the reward would be that if its decent enough it will be post..


Huge upgrade planned for Ragnarok Online

We will be doing a lot of improvements and additions to Ragnarok Online in the weeks to come, and we will be sure to tell you about it. But lets also take this opportunity to gaze deeper into the glas..


Ragnarok Arch Bishop

We are finally getting close to the official release of Ragnarok third job classes in our server. The Ragnarok third job classes is already in kRO test servers. I wish I could play in one. Rumor says ..


Ragnarok Quests with High Base Experience

When I do Ragnarok quests, the first thing that I checked is the Ragnarok quest reward. It would be nice if the quest experience reward will soar as high as 1,000,000 base experience and more. The sto..


Ragnarok Online: Acc cross class

RO etc). However, if you started as a Ranger, you dont lose any beneficial buffs when you cross to warrior, unless your plan was going to gunner - striker.Trap deployment is a joke.Self Destruct usele..


Ragnarok Bot Config Tutorial Using Pots

Ragnarok Bot How to Use Healing Potions, Awakening Potions and EtcIn the src/config.txt of your Ragnarok bot, find the useSelf_item line. The use self item pots allows your bot to use potions specifie..


Ragnarok Level 8 Food Ingredients

Ragnarok Level 8 Food Ingredients increases your stat to + 8 for 20 minutes depending on the food that you consume. Use the Ragnarok database to find out what monsters drop these items and the Ragnaro..


Ragnarok Quest with Mid High Experience Reward

Ragnarok Quest with High base experiencepost, I decided to make a list of Ragnarok Quest with mid-high base experience reward. The base experience ranges from 300,000 - 1,000,000. Not bad isnt it? The..


Ragnarok Archer Job Change Quest

Ragnarok Archer Job Change Quest RequirementsBarren Trunk / Solid Trunk / Fine-grained Trunk / Trunk or Solid WoodRagnarok Mage Job Change Quest Level RequirementsRO ZenyMage Job Change Quest RewardFl..


Ragnarok Quests with High Base Experience Reward

Ragnarok quests, the first thing that I checked is the Ragnarok quest reward. It would be nice if the quest experience reward will soar as high as 1,000,000 base experience and more. The stories that ..


Ragnarok Baphomet MVP Guide

Ragnarok Baphomet MVP is now dropping a slotted magistic goat but only for a low chance, but who knows when Baphomet will be generous. Besides, the Baphomet card is godlike.RO Zeny MVP faster too.RO Z..


Ragnarok Cooking Ingredients Guide

Ragnarok cooker selling stat foods because it brings me a lot of zeny. I usually earn 5-10 million every war of emperium. The fun starts upon collecting ingredients. I level in places where there are ..


Ragnarok Level 1 Food Ingredients

Ragnarok Level 1 Food Ingredients increases your stat to + 1 for 20 minutes depending on the food that you consume. Use the Ragnarok database to find out what monsters drop these items and the Ragnaro..


Ragnarok Rune Knight

Rune Knight craft these runes stones from certain items Rune Knights uses Green Ferus to mount Rune Knight skills are mixture of strength and magic Rune Knight and the DragonYou need to be a Level 99 ..


Ragnarok Mage Leveling Guide

Ragnarok Mages are so easy to level if you have proper equipments and booster. You could even have a job 50 mage in just five hours or less. The most commonly used leveling skill is the Fire Bolt then..


Ragnarok Clown Guide for WOE

Ragnarok Clown is one of the best supporting character during sieges because of its skills. Although clown couldnt kill enemies in one single hit, it can paralyze and distraught the enemies defense. R..


Ragnarok Wizard Guide on WOE

Ragnarok Wizard could kill a lot of enemies in one skill but has a low survival rate because of their hp to. It keeps the balance in the game this way. They may not be the key players on offense, but ..


korean Ragnarok Online (kRO) Dev Team Interview

Ragnarok Online, and as such, they plan to do whole renewal of how gameserver works.They said they will try to balance the minor jobs and major jobs. Unfortunately, we were unable to hear anything abo..


Ragnarok Swordman Leveling Tips

Ragnarok Swordman are not that easy to level. It requires a lot of patience in order to reach job level 50. They dont level fast unlike of the range attacking jobs such as archers and mages. They enga..


Ragnarok Build Guide

Ragnarok online, the job npc adviser offered me the path of being an acolye as it says in my personality test. But I declined and chose to be an archer instead. Legolas Greenleaf was famous back then...


Ragnarok Clown Skills

Ragnarok clown skills to get, this Ragnarok guide is right for you. This guide will give you an idea of the advantages and disadvantages of the Ragnarok Clown skills. If the skill is worth getting it ..


Ragnarok Crusader Build Guide

Ragnarok Crusaders are known for their Devotion, Shield and Grand Cross skill. These are some builds and skills that may help you build your Crusader.Dex: 60-80 Vit: 50-70Heal Dont go out without it ..


Ragnarok Archer Leveling Guide

Ragnarok Archer Leveling Guide Job 10 - 20Ragnarok Zeny because you are just starting out. Normal arrows will do. Spores drops strawberries which sells for about 600-1K. A good place to start earning ..


Ragnarok Monk Leveling Guide

Ragnarok Monk Leveling , you could either use Finger Offensive or Infiltration. The finger offensive skill cannot be interrupted which is an advantage for monks. Infiltration on the other hand is vit ..


Tips on how to get rich in Ragnarok

Ragnarok. Most of these people asking these questions are the newbies. RO Zeny is power. If you got the zeny, you could build an army and be a guild master in Ragnarok. You could buy any godlike equip..


Rangarok Online Cute Pet Guide

Pets are generally monsters that you can pet and become your companionswhile exploring the world of Midgard...... This feature is currently NOTIMPLEMENTED in the International version of the RO Zeny s..


Ragnarok Online: Alchemist Guide

Alot of people wonder why you would want to play an Alchemist as opposed to a Blacksmith. After all, Blacksmiths make more RO Zeny, due to their smithing, andthey can do more damage than almost any ot..


Level Up! Interview with Jake San Diego

MMOsite: Hello, Jake, thanks for taking our interview. To start, can you say hello and introduce yourself and Level Up! to our readers?Ragnarok Online in 2003. We are currently the leading game publis..


Ragnarok Online - A dream suddenly came true

Ragnarok Online? A long time... the dream was forced to just be a dream. Money was the ultimate obstacle. But guess how overjoyed I was after checking the games site today? I smiled. Ragnarok Zenyhas ..


Ragnarok Online: About Character Stats

MMORPG version.Ragnarok Online, in which DEX determined casting speed. Many of the classes require 10 to 20 AGI to gain an A-button combo move. AGI is an important stat for Magicians due to their low ..


About My Reviews of Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online game, which can give you a random card that you use to modify your equipment. You can also choose not to use these and sell them to other players for a lot of ro zeny on game. However,..


2% - 3% Bonus For EveryOne!

To thank for the long time support provided by you, our dear customers, We started a sales promotion from 23th Dec to 3rd Jan,2009.Every customer can ask for 2%-3% extra bonus for every purchase durin..


Ragnarok: Interview with Jake San Diego

MMOsite: Are there some criteria for you to select a title to distribute? At the 2008 ChinaJoy, did you find any interested title you will like to distribute? What will be the next title youre plannin..


Why Do We Cheat?

I would prefer even to fail with honor than to win by cheating. by Ancient Greek playwright SophoclesThe website 1UP has released an article about game cheating.The details are as below:Every game has..


Ragnarok Online Interview

Famous online role-playing game RagnarokZeny (RO) promulgated its new expansion--- Episode 11 recently.As an online game launched many years successfully, what makes it win the MMOSITE reader s choice..


Top 5 Games I'm Waiting to Come Out

The article is from MMOsite Writer Club member Lushy.Lushys Waiting List I know I said I was taking a vacation, but I felt inspired today! I did a list earlier about games I thought would make good MM..


Fascinating Ragnarok Online Rogue Cosplay

The female Rogue in RagnarokZeny is one of the most popular charaters among cosers(cosplayers). Today we got another batch of Rogue cosplay photos. Theyre so charming you cant miss them!


New Concepts For Ragnarok Online DS

RagnarokZeny is one of the most popular MMORPG developed by Gravity. Now it is going to NDS. And it is now the same as the PC original. It has a new storyline and two new jobs - Dark Knight and Shaman..


Ragnarok Online 2: Female Fashion Show

As the series of testings and even commercial launch at Korea, Ragnarok Zeny2 has arrest so many eyeballs. These days players in Japan are so fortunate that they have be able to enter the fantasy worl..


MMOsite Ragnarok Online 2 Vault Up!

Now MMOsite is proud to announce that we have established MMOsite RagnarokZeny 2 Vault! The new vault includes all RO Zeny 2-related information as News, Operation Guide, Characters, Skills, Equipment..


Coverage: Ragnarok Online World Championships 2008

On October 18th, LevelUp! Live 2008 was hold at World Trade Center in Pasay, Philippines. RagnarokZenyWorld Championships 2008 (RWC) was one of the main highlights of this two-day gaming event. The ho..


Romantic White Valentine`s Day in RO II

White Day is a holiday celebrated on March 14, one month after Valentines Day. Japan, South Korea and Taiwan celebrate this day. In Asia, Valentines Day is observed by members of the female gender who..


RO Dev Team Creates Lime Odyssey

Lime Odyssey is a 3D MMORPG developed by Ragnarok Zeny development team. Recently, Lime Odyssey released some latest artworks and screenshots as well as new character and class info via its official s..


Ragnarok Online 2 - Feature

Ragnarok Online 2 improves on many of the originals features as well as adding quite a few of its own. Below are notable new features or changes that will be seen in Ro Zeny. Larger features are descr..


How to log in the Korean RO2!

Well I just see that a lot of friends have troubles in logging the game, and even if they success log in the game the Korean troubles them againSo here I write something and hope it can help you 1. Un..


Ragnarok 2: Story of the Dimago

Ragnarok 2: Gate of the World features three playable races: Normans, Ellr, and the Dimago. When the game launches sometime this year, only the Normans will open but the other two races will be releas..


Philippine Ragnarok Online 2 to Launch 2008

MMOsite got the lastest news about the Philippine Ragnarokzeny from the Level-up Games official, here is an excerpt from the article written by Level-up Games Ragnarok Brand Manager Wauks in his perso..


Ragnarok Online 2 Status!

Recently Philippine Level-up Games Incorporated marketing manager Wauks posted one article in his personal blog talking about the current status of Ragnarok zeny. From his article we could have a gene..


RO2 May Come To Five Countries

Gravity,the developer of Ragnarok Online announced they had signed Memorandum of Understandings for Its Ragnarok Online 2(RO Zeny) Licenses in 5 Overseas Markets. and they will open the beta testing i..


MVP Hunter Premium Guide

You know the drill, kill weak monsters like Porings and Willows but I suggest you hunt Pupas. They give high job experience and drops nice items like Guard [1] and Pupa Cards, that items can give you ..


Ro Online: LVL-UP !!FAST!!

First of all, Id like to point out that SP Recovery is quite useless once you have at least 50 INT. Youre wasting Skill Points! Heres my Mage Build Guide:Starting Stats are: 9 INT, 1 STR, 5 VIT, 5 DEX..


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